Hello fans and friends of Once Upon an Instagram! (you know, @thatswangirl and @thecaptainjones??)

As you all well know, this fall brings some chilly new characters to our beloved show— and thus, to our rp. So we currently are looking to cast Anna and Elsa. Those of you who follow the RP know the deal— we are completely in-character accounts, run as if by our respective OUAT cuties. We have quite a bit of interest in our Frozen roles so we are conducting our first ever auditions!!

If you’re interested, the audition process is simple. Following are a few questions and scenarios. We need you to respond to them in character and submit your answers to me ( bbypiratebunny) by Sept 15, along with which character you are auditioning for. I also want to know your general availability, as we are a pretty active rp. If you are picked for the role, you will hear back from us by the 19th! Here are the questions. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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AU where you get a tattoo representing your TL when you meet them.

Emma was never one for tattoos, but she was slightly jealous of all the inhabitants of Storybrooke.

In the Enchanted Forest, everyone is born with the faint outline of a mark. It was a symbol of their true love located on various parts of the body. Once someone meets their true love, the tattoo darkens and gets colored in. 

Mary Margaret had the faint outline of a sheep on the back of her neck until she was twenty-two. That morning, when she interrupted “James” and Abigail’s carriage ride, the sheep colored itself in. She didn’t realize it at first – the burning feeling on her neck wasn’t the most pressing matter of the moment – and it wasn’t until David showed Snow White the deep red heart with a tiara surrounding it that they realized they were true loves. 

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he looks like a 75 year old woman with a meth addiction


an iPhone will lose 20% just unlocking the phone but when it’s down to 1% you can shoot like a fuckin movie and edit it on this bitch are you kidding me

  • Person: *gets hurt*
  • Kate: Sawyer has the thing
  • Sawyer: *southern accent* I ain't got your damn thing
  • *flashback*
  • Hurley: Dude
  • Everyone: OH NO, OTHERS!
  • *The End*

emma & killian in the new captain swan ouat s4 promo that aired on abc [x]

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and i should probably be doing work, I’m not. I fucking love this show. I’m super excited for Freakshow this October.

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QuestionWhat's your favorite high school memory? Answer


Leaving high school

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  • every single time i write sins not tragedies starts playing: haha, ohhhh this song. man oh i shouldnt sing it this time i havent heard it in so long. naahh not gonna do it. i dont even remember how it- OH, WELL IMAGINE, AS IM PACING THE PEWS IN A CHURCH CORRIDOR


Frankie and Caleb are celebrating in the HoH room. Frankie says it will now be easy to get Victoria out next and be the final 5.



my fashion sense is called i am cold and pissed off